Experienced Technicians Ready to Repair, Install, and Upgrade Technology.

Tired of talking to tech support that clearly lives out-of-country? You need a solution to your computer problem now! Our friendly support technicians can help you fix any computer problem, no matter where you bought your computer. Whether you need a pc tune-up, virus or spyware removal, new software installed, or just a refresher on how to use your computer, NSID can help.

Need your problems resolved NOW?

NSID provides cost-effective emergency technical support so that your computer is up and running as soon as possible.
Take a moment to call us at 305-463-8495 today!

In-house Service:

Minimum Service Charge: $30
General Service – $60/hour
Virus/Spyware Scan – $90
Data Recovery – $180
Operating System Install – $90 (does not include purchase price of operating system)

On-site Service:

$90/hour ($45 trip charge)
Remote Diagnostics: Call for Quote

Minimum Charges: 1/2 hour for All In-house, 1 hour for All On-site + Trip Charge