NSID, provides a full suite of data destruction services including software based hard drive wiping, hard drive shredding, optical disk (CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray) media destruction, USB and flash media destruction, and factory reset processes for devices with embedded storage (tablets, phones, routers, printers).

Upon receipt of your equipment, all assets bearing hard drives (PCs, laptops, servers, PDAs, etc) are locked down in a limited-access cage at one of NSID’s processing centers. At the customer’s option, hard drives are either sanitized via DOD-standards overwrite process or physically destroyed by shredding. Both processes follow NIST 800-88. Assets then enter the general population of equipment for diagnostic and audit testing, or disposal by legitimate recycling. All materials are re-manufactured in the United States and follow the BASEL Convention. Nothing is shipped overseas and nothing goes into a landfill as per NSID’s Zero Landfill Policy.

NSID uses proprietary data destruction software which overwrites all data three times or more (upon request) with a randomly generated series of 1s and Os. The process produces a tamper-proof, cryptographically-signed certificate of data destruction that identifies hard drives by serial number and is admissible in a court of law. In-operable or non-working hard drives are always physically destroyed by shredding and subsequently recycled.

NSID, takes your data integrity, information security and potential exposure seriously. All of the showcased processes above demonstrate our commitment to ensuring your company’s reputation.