Do you have any electronics you are not using?
Don’t just throw them away, bring them to us
NSID and we will gladly recycle them.

NSID is also on eBay, need a new computer,
monitor, laptop, or part? Come to NSID’s eBay
store and update that your pc.

Recycling Pays Off

Want to recycle, but worried about the cost?
Nota problem, NSID will put money back into
your pocket with our recycling solutions.

NSID Is Here To Serve You

NSID (N&S International Distributors, Corp.) is your one-stop for excellent, responsible computer sales, recycling, and any end of life IT asset handling. We have over 15 years of experience, and a very knowledgable personnel. NSID provides professional, seamless solutions and technologies that allow our clientele to rest assured that their interests are protected and their risks are minimized.

  • Computer Sales
  • Electronic Recycling
  • Data Destruction
  • Secure IT Asset Management

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